Official ASP Geobash XII Event Pathtag

Official ASP Geobash XII Geocoin .jpg
Official ASP Geobash XII Geocoin
December 31, 2016
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Official ASP Geobash XII Event Pathtag

Official ASP Geobash XII Event Pathtag

It is the organizing committee’s honor to present to all of you the concept art of this year’s event pathtag.

We asked the designer of this year’s geocoin, Chris Mackey, to design our event’s pathtag.  He responded with a design that we feel complements the branding of this year’s event extremely well.  This is one really sharp Pathtag.

The Pathtag features the bonfire that is featured on this year’s coin and other branding.  It also includes this year’s theme, “A Roaring Good Time” and the paws of our mascot, the Bobcat.  Ties everything together very nicely.

The official event tag always ends up on many taggers trading wish lists, so make sure to order one for yourself, and a handful or two for trading.  This sharp tag will be sought after as much, if not more than every years tags.

Remember that sales of the pathtags are one of the biggest revenue streams that keep this event going from year to year.  Please buy one, or 5 ;-), to help guarantee that this non-profit event continues.

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