December 31, 2016
December 31, 2016
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It had been past practice to alternate locations of the ‘bash between the Quaker and Red House areas of ASP, but due to such wonderful attendance, the committee resigned to the fact that Camp Allegany was really the only facility capable of accommodating what had become the largest annual event in the park. Chairman Bullseyeshooter began the process of reservations, permits, and all the other behind the scene things that makes the GeoBash possible. Our sponsors (bless them) had stepped up to the plate last year despite the struggling economy and the committee was ready to do it all again.

It was decided to hold a contest online to allow the participants a chance to design the newly chosen mascot, a chipmunk. Every year we’ve picked mascots that represent a resident of ASP and the beloved chipmunk is certainly no exception. The winner was Deb Meier’s design and it was voted to be used on the geocoin as well as on our store products. One of our new sponsors, GXProxy agreed to provide proxy replications for all of our event geocoins so they could be released into the wild without fear of being lost. Oakcoins set out to mint the coins and also to offer them on their website.

Throughout the winter the committee met online and occasionally in person to make plans and iron out details. Finally spring arrived and with it came the April showers that are so famous for bringing the May flowers we look forward to seeing at ASP every year. Problem was, it rained every day right up to GeoBash Saturday. Geocachers are a sturdy bunch and most have warm clothes and rain gear anyway, but it quit raining and the sun even came out and all was well with the world.

Incoming geocachers were greeted at the Welcome Center where they signed the logbook and added their graffiti to this year’s wall sheet. We were honored to have Groundspeak Lackey Gonzogrrl join us from headquarters in Seattle WA. She was a delight to meet and she fit right in, even helping out in the Welcome Center.

As Camp Allegany began to come alive and the sun shined, the pinata was pounded until it gave up it’s bounty to the delight of many. The ammo can toss once again proved that there are some lady cachers out there who can pack a mean swing! And the greens at the Camp Allegany Country Club were busy with folks trying their luck at Geo Golf. It wasn’t all fun and games though – educational seminars like “Paperless Caching” and “Native Poisonous Plants” along with “Wherigo 101” were held throughout the day in the Classroom.

Just before noon the group photo brought everyone together behind the Welcome Center. It was good to hear a few folks comment on how hot it was in the sun! A great turnout for the photo session along with the colorful back drop of ASP made for one of the best group photos yet. We even did a shot for FTF Magazine’s “Where’s Sparticus?”

Many vendors packed the vendor building with caching goodies like cache containers – ammo boxes and yes even those damn little nano “buttons”. Flashlights, geocoins, T-shirts, water bottles, lock & locks, carbiners, everything a well geared geocacher could ever want! Their inventories were world class to say the least, and everyone was able to stock up on the latest swag & accessories without paying shipping fees.

Once again Chef Topher and his crew did an outstanding job of providing good meals at a reasonable price, at the Mess Hall. Hot Diggity Dog helped out by satisfying the fast food junkies (that live in all of us) at their stand.

Our Chineese auction was a success thanks to the efforts of Heartzap and her crew despite a drop in donations. We also raffled off a complete set of ASPGB event coins and a nice GPS donated by Magellan. Everyone bought tickets for the drawings and a chance to win the neat prize of their choice.

While many of those attending the Geocoin Expo prepared to display their geocoin collections, others were busy wheeling and dealing to make a trade that would make their collections more complete. Design Artist Chris Mackey gave a seminar about how to produce your own geocoin and how to make the most of your design. Once again we were fortunate to have many geocoins donated to the event so we could draw a number and give one away every minute or so.

As the day wound down, a lot of people were seen using the free WiFi to download the newest group of caches placed for the event including the ever popular night caches. Experienced night cachers often hook up with first timers by meeting at the Welcome Center where the coords were posted for those who weren’t able to get them online.

We were glad to finally be able to sit around the huge campfire and relax after such a full day. Time to reflect on all the day’s activities, maybe even sample a little wine and have a laugh or two.

Sunday brought the free pancake breakfast that is the committee’s way of saying “Thanks for coming!” Once everyone was served, we began the task of cleanup at Camp Allegany. Thank you to those who hung around to help, it’s always appreciated!


Chairman – Bullseyeshooter
Community Relations – Starwatcher60
Store – brownout
Food – Topher
Facilities – Bigdaddy78
Webmasters – PaRacerKim & Sapsaj
Donations/Raffles – Heartzap
Welcome Center – Cachincarrie & Davee
Volunteers – PaRacerJoy

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