December 31, 2016
December 31, 2016
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Right from the start – which is about 5 minutes after the ASPGB III event was over, the committee knew that ASPGB IV was going to be a big year. We had gone MEGA and now knew that we had the interest, the venue and the ability to hold a really large event!

Things looked terrific immediately, as we had attracted new committee members: the PARacers, the Sunrayers, Topher, Sajsaj, Davee & CachinCarrie, and Vet Tech’03. to join brownout, Monarch, Bingo-Kim, Pirate, Starwatcher60 and ATMouse. The venue chosen was an area in Allegany State Park that is not generally open in mid-May: Quaker Lake Beach. The area was picturesque and had lots of room and a parking lot (yeah!), but lacked covered shelters or pavilions that would accommodate a mega event. So we would need tents…lots of tents. And tables …and chairs…and extension cords … and the list grew. The mascot was an easy pick – ASPGB III had been visited by several bears in the cabin areas – lots of geocachers found themselves nearly eyeball to eyeball with the bruins. A bear cub – with a bitten GPSr in his paws – became our logo.

ASPGB IV would be the big techno-year! The committee, who barely had time to catch their collective breath before launching into next year’s planning, would find themselves deep into the internet on-line, including re-designing the website, new forum arrangement which would require some persistence as the bugs got worked out and an on-line store that took PayPal. But the ultimate cool thing would be the wireless service offered at the Event site itself. Each year, the committee re-visits what was done the year before and tries to refine here and there, so it decided to do some different things for ASPGB IV: hire a caterer for the main meal, offer some new activities, including a dance (geocachers dance?!) and some new games, get some new items in the store and “split the venue” and hold the traditional Sunday pancake breakfast and the Geocoin Expo at Group Camp 12.

The winter was busy with preparations: orders and vendors and planning and meetings and anxiously trying to calculate costs.

Then somehow, the day arrived…but so did the storms. Some of the tents, carefully sited and set up, were knocked down in a pre-event wind gusts and had to be re-pitched. This on-again, off-again storm pattern would remain for the entire event. Geocachers are made of stern stuff: Once again they showed up, signed up at the Registration Tent, marked their home coordinates with a pin on a map, read the handouts, dropped off T.B.s, ambled over to the Will Call Center and vendor tent and got their pre-paid items and perused geocoins and such, gratefully drank the wonderfully hot coffee, attended the classes, played games, watched their children whack a bear cub-shaped piñata and dig for treasure on the beach, bid on a wonderful array of donations for the raffle, patiently waited for their chicken BBQ dinner, checked out each other’s geocoins at the Expo, and danced the night away after finding night caches. THEN they showed up for our traditional Short Stacks and Long Tales Pancake breakfast, all while dodging raindrops and gusty downpours.

And we had gone Mega AGAIN!


Co-Chairman/Store – ATMouse
Co-Chairman/Lodging – Brownout
Treasurer/Park Liason – Mon@rch
Publicity – Starwatcher60
Secretary/Raffles – Vet Tech’03
Webmaster – Pirate
Welcome Center – CachinCarrie
Grounds – PaRacers
Food/Beverages – Sunrayers
Activities – Topher & Sapsaj
Travel Bugs – Davee
Volunteer Coordinator – BingoKim

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