The ASP GeoBash Committee

The crew that puts it all together!

Devin Callihan

Devin Callihan (Devin C) – Chairman My caching name is DevinC. I really wish I would have been a little more creative on the day I […]

Tim Champion

Tim Champion (Knapaholic) – Vice-Chairman / Activities & Grounds My caching name is Knapaholic. It comes from being a flintknapper, or maker of stone tools, though […]

Geoff Preiss and Susan Moore

Geoff Preiss and Susan Moore (kimchee&smartykatt) – Treasurer / Welcome Center We found our first cache on November 2nd, 2008 after seeing a report on the […]

Alexis Rupert

Alexis Rupert (lexytay) – Secretary / Store Started caching in 2009…but it took me a while to get serious about it. Met Knapaholic and then Kimchee&Smartykatt […]

Shanan John Principe

Shanan John Principe (steelersrull) – Activities & Grounds I became a member on 4/28/09 but didn’t get my 1st find until 5/16/09. In the evening at […]

Kim & Joy Fortner

Kim and Joy Fortner (PaRacers) – Welcome Center Started caching January 2006. While pursuing another hobby – Radio Control Boats, we ran into some old friends […]

Bruce Pratt

Bruce Pratt (bpratt) – Media & Documentation I found out about Geocaching back in 2001 but did not join till July of 2002. I learned about […]

Diana Campbell

Diana Campbell (RN escape) – Raffle Room Started geocaching in 2009, when a friend got me interested. I started with the Allegheny GeoTrail. Like the fun, […]

Dorothy Gruber

Dorothy Gruber (Dove78) – Store I got started geocaching in 2004 when Beanbag63 was asking my son about geocaching one day after church. My son wasn’t […]

John Conklin Jr.

John Conklin Jr. (JC Jr) – Activities & Grounds Initially my caching name was JohnConklinJr but after Bussard444 started calling me JC Jr and signing hundreds […]

Terry Lineman

Terry Lineman (Nascarterry) – Travel Bug Exchange I started caching in March of 2012 when my neighbors invited me to go on a Motorcycle ride with […]

Bill Wilkinson

Bill Wilkinson (Greensong) Raffle Room Started caching Sept. of ’10. I’d read a couple of articles about it in Outside Magazine then I heard about the […]

Ryan Hartle

Ryan Hartle (bizh) Raffle Room I got started with geocaching by reading an article about the Allegheny Geo Trail in my local paper in 2007. I […]

Ter Bussard

Ter Bussard (Bussard444) – Travel Bug Exchange I told DevinC that making a bio was too much work…. I’m too busy for such stuff…Retirement is too […]

Ted Tupitza

Ted Tupitza (goldsnoop) Discovered the Geocaching site while I was working in Florida 9-11-03. I enjoy the trail caches and Earthcaches the most (but not the […]

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