Ter Bussard

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Ted Tupitza
December 30, 2016
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December 31, 2016
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Ter Bussard

Ter Bussard (Bussard444) – Travel Bug Exchange
Ter Bussard (Bussard444) – Travel Bug Exchange

I told DevinC that making a bio was too much work…. I’m too busy for such stuff…Retirement is too demanding.  No time… No time… Make stuff up.

I got started geocaching in 2008, which seems to be a popular year for getting into geocaching..

What I enjoy most about caching is the people.  Everyone loves me…. I think so at least.  And I love pink playground slides… can’t pass ‘em up.

I have attended every ASP Geobash since ASP Geobash VIII and will continue to do so until the demands of retirement become too great.  Then the Rangers will have to force me at gunpoint… if enough of them are man enough.

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