Devin Callihan

Tim Champion (Knapaholic) – Vice-Chairman / Activities & Grounds
Tim Champion
December 31, 2016
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Devin Callihan

Devin Callihan (Devin C) - Chairman
Devin Callihan (Devin C) – Chairman

My caching name is DevinC. I really wish I would have been a little more creative on the day I got my account, but whatever…. I found my first cache on September 11, 2004. A friend of mine had a GPS he didn’t know how to use so I got learned how to use it by finding my first geocache. There were only a few dozen geocaches within a 30 mile radius of where I lived, so I never started caching regularly until 2008 (when there were a LOT more).

I enjoy geocaches in scenic areas. Never have cared about numbers, just want the excuse to escape into the wild. I also enjoy the social aspect of the game. I have met some really good lifelong friends playing this game.

I have attended every ASP Geobash since ASPGB IV.

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